Judy Dahl Photography – Team Members

Judy Dahl Photography – Team Members

Like all great projects, there is usually a team of heroes who work behind the scenes who do not normally get much acknowledgement.  The team members who will create the business strategies, draft the designs for the new offices, and make sure that everyone else on the team is on track for trends and opportunities.   We all know those people and Judy Dahl photography is no different.  There is a team member who may not shoot the photos, or design the website, but he has been a major player in the direction of the business.  Brian Dahl (Head of Vehicle Restoration on the Farm) has been that unseen hero in the background making sure that there has been structures built and strategies in place to keep Judy Dahl Photography as a major player in the western lifestyle photography business!

Brian has most recently been working on restoring a 1933 ford truck from the ground up.  The paint job will be the next project and we will update you here on this blog of his progress!

1933 Ford Truck Restoration

Model 46 Commercial with a B model 4 cylinder engine.  Built in the last 3 months of 1933


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