Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC)

“Judy Dahl, first accredited EQUINE and Livestock Photographer in Canada”

The Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) seminars I attended were very
informative. The attending professional photographers was a group of extremely
talented, accredited, people who were always willing to help.

My career at that time did not fall into the mainstream as my focus was photographing horses and cattle. I decided to take on the task of creating two new accreditation categories, throw my proposals out to PPOC to see what would come as a requests.  

The applicant, me, had to send ten different photographs for the PPOC to judge. I do
not remember all of their criteria.

My first set was a category I called Livestock Photography. There was an entry fee and if the judges rejected one photo the applicant had to replace the photo and re-submit. 

My entries were all accepted, and on May 1, 1988, I received my Livestock Photography Accreditation, and was the first to have this accreditation in Canada.

The next year I submitted another new category.  All of the photos were accepted, and on June 29, 1989, I received my Equine Photography Accreditation.

It is humbling to see how the doors open to other equine and livestock photographers in Canada because of these two new PPOC accreditation programs.