Border Collie Dogs

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Border Collie Dogs

My family has always had Border Collie dogs.  Mom and dad raised puppies and my brother and his wife have raised quite a few litters at the same ranch over more recent years.  This highly intelligent breed of dog was bred for herding livestock.

When we were little kids my sister and I often dressed our puppies up in the beautiful hand knit sweaters, dresses, booties that our Norwegian grandmother knit for our dolls. We preferred to play with puppies over dolls. Grama would not have been very happy with us had she known.

judy-terryJudy & Terry with puppies.

The dogs were used on the ranch every time anyone went out with a horse to gather or check cattle.  One dog in particular, Trixie, was my dads hired man, in all kinds of weather.  She found the cattle and herded them to the feed or corrals, or just to another pasture without any special commands.  She often saved dad from having to ride in the thick brush to find the cattle.

Favourite animals and my dad.

Favourite animals and my dad.

My mother sewed all of my good clothes when I was a kid, until I knew how to sew.  I was pretty stylish back then.

Dad and me with my favourite animals.  Alvin’s  horse Flicker and dog Trixie in the background.

Pile on kids.

Pile on kids.

My father Alvin, Trixie his dog, and,  Arne,  Terry,  and Judy on our not so trustworthy Shetland pony Sugar.

Dogs, horses and kids

Dogs, horses and kids.

Trixie, like all the other Border Collies in my life was good natured.  She even posed on the back of my sister Terry’s pony for a photograph.

Three very cute purebred Border Collie puppies.

Three Amigos

Three  purebred Border Collie puppies.  Too cute for words.




Jackie and Border Collie puppy.

Jackie and a Border Collie puppy.

Our granddaughter Jackie cuddles a Border Collie puppy.



Jackies Guard Dog Ned.

Jackies Guard Dog Ned.

Jackie’s shadow on the farm.  Ned has his stick ready.  All Jackie has to do is throw it.

Studio Photo Session

Studio Photo Session.

A couple of a litter of five Purebred Border Collie puppies came to my studio for a photo session.  That was fun.  All in all they sat very well while I tortured them with my camera.

We were given a Blue Heeler that a friend could not keep so my kids grew up with very protective Heeler dogs.

Border Collie dogs really need to work.  They are inclined to get into trouble if they don’t.

Judy Dahl.