United Grain Growers Elevator – End of an Era

United Grain Growers Elevator – End of an Era

Claresholm Elevator row 1989

Claresholm Elevator row 1989

My first full-time job when I graduated from Olds College in 1970 was with United Grain Growers Head Office in downtown Calgary, AB. I worked my way up from the steno pool to the accountant’s personal secretary before I left three years later. After spending a few more years in the city of Calgary, my husband Brian and I bought a farm and moved to Claresholm. Back in 1975, the town hosted an impressive row of Prairie Giants (Grain Elevators). After losing one to fire in the late 80’s there were still seven fully operational elevators.

Claresholm Elevator
In the 90’s they started to be demolished and by Dec. 6, 2000 the last, which was the U.G.G. was brought to the ground. This impressive building was built in 1977. The east side of the elevator that housed the scale house was the first to go. The backhoes clawed away at the main structure for what seemed like forever. Finally, it crashed to the ground. I had tears in my eyes as I witnessed the demise of this building. I felt a personal connection to this elevator as my husband Brian also hauled his grain to U.G.G. and years before I had worked for the company.

United Grain Growers Mar


Dec 6, 2000 U.G.G.  The scale house was the first thing to go



Dec 6, 2000 1

Dec 6, 2000 2

Dec 6, 2000 3

Dec 6, 2000 4

Showing the last of its colours Dec 6, 2000

U.G.G. Claresholm Dec 6, 2000 Backhoes working

Demolition of the United Grain Growers Elevator, 2000


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